Summer holiday

Enjoy a wonderful summer holiday in the Giant Mountains. 

About to spend the summer in the Czech Republic? Visit Grund Resort, where you're guaranteed to have fun and experience something new all the time.

By cable car or on foot to the top of Sněžka

Have you been up Sněžka yet? You haven’t? You absolutely have to visit the highest Czech mountain during your stay in the Giant Mountains. There are many beautiful paths that lead to its top! You can choose the shortest one, which leads through Obří Důl, or the trail that takes you from Pomezní Boudy along the ridge of the mountain with views of lakes on the Polish side.

Discover the majesty of Sněžka and experience true adventure!

Bobsled Berta

Only 2 km from the Grund Resort hotel you will find the longest bobsled in the Giant Mountains. Berta is 1,5 km long and runs all year round. During the ride you get to enjoy a beautiful view of the Eastern Giant Mountains including the highest peak - Sněžka. The night ride on the bobsled is also an unforgettable experience. Short Video

Bicycle touring

The Giant Mountains feature some of the most beautiful cycling trails. You can choose one according to your skill and ability. We recommend a trip along the Úpa River, where you'll experience stunning nature panoramas. You can explore not only the beauty of nature, but also nearby towns, castles and other landmarks.

Hikes and Nordic walking

The Giant Mountains are very popular with hiking enthusiasts. Are you one of them? Then you will certainly enjoy the amazing hikes on well marked trails, which are all around the resort. We recommend a hike to Hrádeček! If you'd like to add a little twist to your walks, you may choose to try out Nordic walking - walking with poles. If you haven't tried this restorative activity, we recommend you check out our offer of Nordic walking weekends led by experienced instructors.

Horse riding

You can also explore the area on horseback. Try horse riding in a basic riding course or experience an unforgettable ride through the countryside. With our program "Through Nature on Horseback" it is possible to arrange a multiple day trip. The riding school is located less than 3 km from the hotel.

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